Tips & Hints

Save money and energy during your vacation this summer by turning down the temperature of your water heater.

Avoid frozen pipes in winter by watching your water pressure, this time of year the first sign of a frozen pipe is restricted water flow.

  • When temperatures drop to freezing lows, keep home and family warm as freezing temperatures take over.
  • Power Rooter Plumbing & Sewer we help you get your home ready for the winter immediately.

Have a plumber inspect your home every year to let you know if you are susceptible to any water damage.
To keep your house’s plumbing in top shape, here is a list of different ways to improve and protect your house:

  • Fix all pipe leaks and faucet drips
  • Install a battery back-up system
  • Install sump pump and ejector pump
  • Reduce water heater temperature therefore saving energy
  • Open and close all valves once a year to ensure that they will work when you need them, otherwise they seize up over time.

Everyone who lives in your home should know where the main shutoff valve is located and make sure each person understands how to find and identify the tool that is needed to turn the water valve off.
Ensure that all exposed piping and storage systems are well insulated, mainly in the attic or basement to prevent freezing pipes and other water related conditions.